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Hi! I'm Shaw and there are two things I love more than anything else in the world: Fantastical stories and playing God. Luckily, Dungeons & Dragons lets me combine my unbridled creativity with my sick power fantasy and do both! I run a bunch of games at the Brancenter and outside of it, but eventually, that wasn't enough to satisfy my addiction and I started creating my own worlds.


First I made The Dust, a completely unique tabletop game centered around wild west shenanigans and fancy gunplay. A major challenge I faced with that, however, was that since I built it from the ground up, I had to take into account a lot of more technical aspects of game design--the nitty-gritty numbers that made 16-year-old Shaw fall asleep in trigonometry class. With that in mind, I tabled (pun intended) The Dust in favor of a new world, Caelum. 


Caelum has been the focus of my Side Hustle both during the school year and the Summer beyond. I have made a website for the world, detailing the history, lore, major players, and new character options for the game. I enlisted an Art Director friend to help design certain website aesthetics, and the way things are now, the world is ready to play! Improvements and additions are constantly being added, so check it out if you're ready for an adventure!



Visit the website for Caelum:

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