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I used to be an Engineer who learned to code by writing raps. My classmates at that time were bitten by the 'Silicon Valley' bug and had started different ventures. I happened to be the person they came to when they needed help pitching their ideas. I graduated as an Electrical Engineer but found my spark selling ideas. My right brain convinced me to explore its creative potential. 

I took my first sip of the advertising Kool-Aid when I started working as a Copywriter in Mumbai. Although I loved writing, my logical left brain wasn't satisfied. I remember noticing how planners drew endless mindmaps and went around asking people weird questions that sometimes turned into therapy sessions. I found myself intrigued by their work and the way they worked. 


Both my right and my left brain agreed that becoming a strategist was the way to go. I had finally found something that would satisfy both of them. ​

As a strategist, my right brain helps me approach problems by asking the question what-if? And my left brain keeps it in check. 

I like both absurdity and clarity and try to find meaning wherever there's mess. 


I started making Mini Zines as a way to pay tribute to Indian culture and decolonize parts of it that have been whitewashed. As a writer turned strategist Mini Zines also provide a blank canvas for me to express my love for art, writing, and strategy. 

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