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Since I was a child I have always enjoyed doing artwork. Painting and drawing are my favorite points of interest, but art had always been just a hobby until I reached college. I majored in Communication, Advertising and minored in Studio Art at Appalachian State University. This was where I co-founded, curated, created, and sold my first zine — “The Velvet Zine”— which had two editions over the course of a year.  Through the process of this, I fell in love with the way art can bring an entire community together. I wanted to take this with me upon leaving undergrad, and the VCU Brandcenter is a community with never-ending creativity. And so, The Brandcenter Zine was born. My goal is to: 1. highlight the talent of my amazing classmates 2. push myself to get back into doing art and 3. explore traits of being human that we all share, that bring us together and yet experience and express in our own unique way. Edition one focuses on the theme of Nostalgia. 


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