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Hi, my name’s Evan. I’m a videographer-turned-copywriter with a healthy addiction to music and movies. I can’t write music, but I can write words, so I took this incredibly rare talent and channeled it into screenwriting. There’s a lot of joy to be found writing scripts, which suggests that I’m very bad at it, because I haven’t found any of that. I have found plenty of bitter frustration though, so that’s cool. It’s oddly satisfying. I think I love it.



Send Off Blues is my most recent screenplay. It's not ready to be shared yet, but here is a synopsis.

After a decades-old war injury resurfaces with fatal consequences, Elvis Muldoon decides to plan and host his own funeral before he dies. But a dysfunctional relationship with his family and the interference from a French casket retailer might complicate things. 

I know what you're thinking..."Evan, you are such a tease. I want more." Well, here is another screenplay I wrote that is ready.


Years after a complicated departure from music, a former touring drummer is invited to join an up-and-coming band, but the tragic self-destruction of her father, an iconic musician in his own right, haunts her every step of the way.

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