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Before coming to the Brandcenter to hone my Art Direction skills, I graduated from Southern Illinois University (SIU) with a degree in Journalism (Advertising) and minored in Art and Photography. While studying at SIU, I captained the D1 Men's Swim and Dive Team and lead the Saluki AdLab (our chapter of the American Advertising Federation) to a 2nd place finish at the District 6 NSAC competition. 

While at the Brandcenter, I decided I wanted to fill what little free time I had exploring some of my creative passions such as painting and photography. I realized quickly that with all the classes, group projects, and work, I was easily letting my passions fall to the wayside. After listening to Creative Director and artist Jonathon Rosen give a presentation on his side hustle (art), I realized that I would have to make my passions a priority if I didn't want them to be lost. So I got together with fellow student Chelsie Kelly and professor KT Schaeffer to form a group of hustlers to hold each other accountable to complete our passion projects.  

Le Désespéré 2020

CHRIS's Hustle

In 2020, I think a lot of us are scared. We are seeing the world falling apart around us, hoping and needing a new, better year. I needed a way to express this frustration, fear, and desperation with the world around me. As a student of art history, I have always been a fan of Gustave Courbet's self portrait The Desperate Man (Le Désespéré). The expression and pose in that painting is something that seems all too familiar these days. I decided to capture that look I give myself in the morning as I get ready for another day in my most recent painting Le Désespéré 2020.

Le Désespéré 2020

Le Désespéré 2020

Oil on canvas


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